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  1. After retiring from his job as a chemical engineer, Panzarella found a new passion growing citrus trees on his ¾ acre home in Lake Jackson along Oyster Creek. Citrus growing was a happy accident, as he turned to it only after his peach, pecan and apple tr
  2. In anticipation of the New Year's Eve festivities, Kingwood area blogger, Stephanie Manley, shares some of her favorite recipes and tips for hosting a New Year's Eve Celebration.
  3. The girls are not the only ones who have taken the spirit of the season to heart. Across the Northeast Houston area businesses, organizations, and individuals are banding together to serve others. If you have the desire to be a Secret Santa, visit the Kin
  4. Kingwood, TX -- While the Christmas season is known to be the season of giving, in the rush caused by added commitments and pressures, sometimes that fact is easy to overlook. Across the Northeast Houston area, individuals are taking action to change tha
  5. The other week was Fall Riot at Second. It’s kind of a kick off for the fall programs at the church for middle and high schoolers. It’s the main time when the church really encourages the kids to invite their friends to come with them to church. It’s n
  6. What does baptism and Fall Riot have to do with each other?
  7. What is fall riot? An inside look.
  8. What is Fall riot at Second Baptist Church?
  9. Join us as we discuss how God speaks to us through the synchronicity of everyday occurrences.
  10. Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Very often that is how God speaks to us.

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